2022 Piping Playing Order

The 2022 Northern Meeting Piping competitions will commence at 8.30 a.m. on Thursday 1st September with the first competitor playing in the Gold Medal in Eden Court’s Empire Theatre. The order of events over the 2 days of competitions is as follows:

The Northern Meeting Piping Competition 2022
Thursday 1st September
GOLD MEDAL Empire Theatre from 8.30 am
Judges: Jim McGillivray, Ronnie McShannon, Bruce Hitchings Also Livestreamed*
SILVER MEDAL MacLean Room from 9.00 am
Judges: Bill Wotherspoon, Patricia Henderson, Euan Anderson
‘A’ GRADE MARCH, STRATHSPEY & REEL One Touch Theatre from 9.00 am
Judges: Iain MacFadyen, Ian McLellan, Peter Hunt
Judges: Ian Duncan, Stuart Samson, Michael Grey Also Livestreamed*
Friday 2nd September
CLASP Empire Theatre from 8.30 am
Judges: Murray Henderson, Jack Taylor, Bill Witherspoon
HORNPIPE & JIG One Touch Theatre from 9.30 am
Judges: Iain MacFadyen, Michael Grey, Ronnie McShannon
‘B’ GRADE MARCH, STRATHSPEY & REEL La Scala Cinema from 9.30 am
Judges: Jim McGillivray, Lewis Barclay, Patrick Grant
‘B’ GRADE HORNPIPE & JIG Playhouse Cinema from 9.30 am
Judges: Patricia Henderson, Ian McLellan
* piping.northern-meeting.org/competition-live-stream
Junior Piping Competition 2022
Friday 2nd September
UNDER 18 PIOBAIREACHD MacLean Room from 8.30 am
Judges: Stuart Samson, Bruce Hitchings
UNDER 15 PIOBAIREACHD The Chapel from 8.30 am
Judges: Ian Duncan, Peter Hunt
UNDER 18 MARCH, STRATHSPEY & REEL MacLean Room from 2.00 pm
Judges: Ian Duncan, Peter Hunt
UNDER 15 MARCH, STRATHSPEY & REEL The Chapel from 2.00 pm
Judges: Stuart Samson, Bruce Hitchings
NOTE: Exact timings cannot be given for the competitions and the Committee reserves the right to change times or locations if necessary, to ensure the continuity of the programme.
Presentation of Prizes
Prizes will be presented by The Provost of Inverness in the One Touch Theatre after the conclusions of the competitions. Those wishing to attend the awards ceremony are kindly requested to be seated no later than 10 minutes before the awards ceremony start time. This will be announced approximately 30 minutes in advance. Whilst it is likely that plenty of seats will be available, in the event that the One Touch capacity is exceeded, the Theatre Door Staff may have to limit the numbers attending.
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