1.    Competitors MUST be in attendance for all Competitions not less than 30 minutes before their expected competing time.   Also, some competitors prior to you in the running order may have withdrawn.    Increasing numbers in all competitions mean that timetables must be adhered to.  Any competitor not available to play when required may be disqualified.

2.    Alterations to Lists of Tunes must be submitted in writing and will not be accepted after 5.00 pm on 13th August 2022.

3.    The Judges are empowered to stop any Competitor while playing, if, in their opinion, his/her playing is such as to bar him/her from any chance of winning a prize.   They may also withhold all or any of the prizes offered if they are unanimously agreed that the standard of merit achieved by the Competitors, or by a Competitor is inadequate.

4.    Male Competitors must wear Highland Dress including jacket, tie, bonnet or glengarry and appropriate shoes.   Female Competitors must wear suitable Highland Dress including tartan skirt, and appropriately cut jacket.   Competitors will not be allowed to compete unless dressed to the satisfaction of the committee.   SHIRT SLEEVE ORDER IS NOT PERMITTED WHILE COMPETING.   Pipe bags must be complete with covers.   The wearing of formal dress is encouraged.

5.    Properly completed Entry Forms with the Entry Fee must be lodged with the Secretary not later than Thursday, 31st May 2022.  NO LATE ENTRIES CAN BE ACCEPTED.

6.   Lapel discs showing your name must be worn.   The discs will be issued when competitors report to the Stewards. Competitors are reminded that they must be ready to compete in accordance with the published order of playing.   Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

7.    Any Competitor who is unable to attend the Competitions must notify the secretary’s office by 5pm on the WEDNESDAY preceding the Competitions.   Failure to do this without reasonable excuse, may result in that competitor’s entry not being accepted in a future year.

8.    Tuning time will be as follows:


Tuning Times
Clasp 5 minutes
Gold and Silver Medals, Former Winners MSR and “A” MSR 4 minutes
Hornpipe & Jig 2 minute
All other competitions 3 minutes


If a competitor fails to commence playing before or immediately after the expiry of the tuning times he/she will be liable to disqualification.   The implementation of this rule is the responsibility of the Northern Meeting Piping Committee.

9.    It is anticipated that the B.B.C. will record, on sound only, certain Senior Competitions.      The B.B.C. will undertake that no record or tape incorporating these recordings will be published or sold.  No individual fees will be paid, but the B.B.C. annually make a donation to the Northern Meeting Piping Funds.   The agreement of each competitor to this arrangement is a condition of entry to the Competition.

10.    The Judges’ decisions are final.

11.    All competitors in any of the Competitions must agree to be bound by these rules, and entry constitutes acceptance thereof.

12.  Please note that the date for withdrawals to allow a reserve to take their place is 13th August 2022. No reserves will be admitted after that date.

NOTE – Owing to the possible unfairness to competitors who send in early entries having to compete first in the Competitions a ballot will be held to determine the order of playing of each Competitor for ALL competitions entered.   Although the published order of playing will be adhered to sofar as possible, the Committee reserves the right to alter the order of play if in its opinion circumstances require this.

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