Please note that the fact that a competitor has been judged eligible to compete in either the Gold or Silver Medal competition, or the Grade “A” or “B” Light Music competition in a previous year is in no way a guarantee of similar eligibility in 2020.  Competitors eligibility will be considered on the basis of (1) CPA grading if any (2) Track record and (3) any other information which the Committee considers relevant.

Prospective competitors in the Gold and Silver Medal should note that they will only be considered by the Joint Vetting Committee for the competition which they indicate.   It is therefore essential that the correct box is ticked.

It is also expected that you agree to accept as final the decision of the joint Argyllshire Gathering and Northern Meeting Piping Committee as to your eligibility or otherwise to compete in any of these Competitions.


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As both Argyllshire Gathering and the Northern Meeting are administrating the competitions by their different web sites, it is essential that you register separately with both the organisations. Registering with Argyllshire Gathering is by