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ALL pipers should register to be considered for the 2022 competitions and to receive a new username and password. Please click on ‘registration’ on the list to the right of this page.

The Senior piping competitions comprise three piobaireachd competitions; the Clasp, the Gold Medal and the Silver Medal and five light music competitions; the Former Winners March, Strathspey and Reel, the “A” grade March, Strathspey and Reel, the “B” grade March, Strathspey and Reel and the Hornpipe and Jig (which is open to those selected to play in the “A” grade light music competition and above) and the “B” grade Hornpipe and Jig (which is open to those selected to play in the “B” grade light music competition).

We are grateful to have sponsors of these competitions and more information about them can be found here.


A number of trophies have been donated over the years, the most prestigious of which is the Highland Society of London’s Gold Medal.

Other prizes include the Rothiemurchus Trophy, the Colin C Drummond Memorial Trophy, Mrs Macdonald of Craigniche Trophy, the Silver Star and the Bronze Star both presented by the Royal Scottish Piper’s Society and the Competing Piper’s Association Silver Medal.


The Northern Meeting Piping Competition administers the competition by the website. However, paper copies of the various forms, regulation and rules are available if a piper does not wish to use this form of communication. If you are aware that a piper does not have access to a computer or does not wish to register by the web, can you please advise them to contact the piping secretary by letter or email. In the unlikely event that you do not receive an automated email acknowledging receipt of your registration, please inform the piping secretary!

Please note that those who registered and were accepted for the competitions are assumed to be competing and if you wish to withdraw it is essential that the Piping Secretary is contacted timeously. Failure to do so within the accepted time may mean that that you may not be considered eligible to compete in the following year.

Payment for entry should be made payable to Northern Meeting Piping Trust and sent to the Val Low, Piping Secretary, 40 Lochiel Road Inverness IV2 3BY. The entry fee for the Senior Competitions is £50 for two or more and £30 for one.


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To register for the Argyllshire Gathering, please go to

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