Frequently Asked Questions

What is eligibility?

All applications for the Senior Competitions, except for the Clasp and Former Winners March, Strathspey and Reel, are considered by the Joint Eligibility Committee comprising representatives of Northern Meeting Piping Competitions and Argyllshire Gathering along side representatives of the Senior judges and the CPA. The committee then decides which pipers are eligible to compete based on a variety of criteria., for example, competitions track record, CPA grading if available.

 Do I have to register every year?

Yes.  All pipers have to register their interest every year as a unique password is generated every year. This password and username will be sent by an email acknowledging their registration.

What is the deadline for registration for this year competitions?

The deadline is 31st January.

Will late registrations be accepted?

It will be up to the committee, at the eligibility meeting, to decide whether to accept late registrations. However, no registrations will be considered after the eligibility meeting.

Do I need to be a member of the CPA to register?

No, but the CPA grade is a significant factor in the consideration of an applicant by the joint Eligibility Committee.

 Can I change my password?

Yes.  The password can be changed to something more memorable by logging in with the username and password sent to you and in the “secure area” page, clicking on the option to change the password.

 Do I need to register for eligibility separately with Northern Meeting Piping Competitions and Argyllshire Gathering?

Yes. NMPC and AG share the information for the joint Eligibility Meeting in February/March but they separately administer their websites and registration.

 How will I know if I am eligible for the competitions?

An email will be sent by the Piping Secretary either notifying acceptance or refusal to take part in the competitions.

 When will I know about eligibility?

The email will be sent by the end of March.

 When do I complete the entry form confirming my tune selections?

The entry form should be completed after receiving the competitions acceptance email and submitted by 31st May.

 How do I know the tunes have arrived at the web site?

The Piping Secretary will acknowledge receipt of the tunes by email.

 How and when do I pay the entry fee?

Payment should be made by 31st May. Cheques should be made payable to the Northern Meeting Piping Trust and sent to the Piping Secretary’s postal address by 31st May.Payment by Paypal is now accepted. Payment can also be made by online/digital banking. Account details available on request.

 How much are the fees?

The entry fee for 2024 is  £30 for one competition £50 for two or more competitions.