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  Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth
  2014 Iain Speirs Stuart Liddell Jack Lee Bruce Gandy Callum Beaumount
  2013 Stuart Liddell Callum Beaumont Jack Lee William MacCallum Glenn Brown
  2012 Callum Beaumont Murray Henderson William MacCallum Stuart Liddell Euan MacCrimmon
  2011 Angus MacColl Jack Lee Roderick MacLeod William MacCallum Murray Henderson
  2010 Jack Lee Stuart Liddell Roderick MacLeod William McCallum Niall Matheson
  2009 Stuart Liddell Roderick MacLeod Jack Lee Murray Henderson Richard Hawke
  2008 Greg Wilson Jack Lee Roderick MacLeod William McCallum Stuart Liddell
  2007 Stuart Liddell Angus MacColl Niall Matheson Murray Henderson Jack Lee
  2006 Murray Henderson Angus MacColl Niall Matheson Greg Wilson no award
  Gold Medal      
  Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth
  2014 Douglas Murray William Geddes Finlay Johnston Peter McCalister Alastair Lee
  2013 Callum Beaumont Douglas Murray Faye Henderson Cameron Drummond John Mulhearn
  2012 Euan MacCrimmon Finlay Johnston Fiona Manson Cameron Drummond Innes Smith
  2011 Niall Stewart Faye Henderson Innes Smith Simon McKerrell Cameron Drummond
  2010 Andrew Hayes Niall Stewart William Geddes Andrew Rogers Jori Chisholm
  2009 Glenn Brown William Geddes Fiona Manson James Murray Callum Beaumont
  2008 Alan Bevan William Geddes Callum Beaumont Niall Stewart Fiona Manson
  2007 Iain Speirs Niall Stewart Neil Smith James Murray James MacHattie
  2006 Alastair Dunn James Murray Iain Speirs James MacHattie John-Angus Smith
  Silver Medal      
  Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth
  2014 Angus J McColl Colin Campbell Michael Fitzhenry Alex Gandy Connor Sinclair
  2013 Alasdair Henderson Craig Sutherland Darach Urquhart Jamie Forrester George Stewart
  2012 Derek Midgley Michael Fitzhenry Darach Urquhart Alasdair Henderson Alex Gandy
  2011 Gordon Bruce David Wilton Jamie Forrester Stuart Easton Alastair Lee
  2010 Andrew Bonar John Mulhearn Sean McKeown Xavier Boderiou Alastair Henderson
  2009 Cameron Drummond John Mulhearn Jamie Forrester David Wilton Alastair Lee
  2008 Colin Lee Neil Hall Cameron Drummond Sean McKeown Lyric Todkiill
  2007 Margaret Dunn Gareth rudolph Jamie forrester Andrew douglas Steven Watterston
  2006 Finlay Johnston Donald MacKay Callum Beaumont Andrew Carlisle Andrea Boyd
  Former Winners MSR     
  Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth
  2014 Niall Stewart William MacCallum Stuart Liddell Jack Lee Gordon Walker
  2013 Stuart Liddell Angus D. MacColl William MacCallum Cameron Drummond Jack Lee
  2012 William MacCallum Gordon Walker Ian Spiers Jack Lee Angus MacColl
  2011 Jack Lee William McCallum Ian K. MacDonald Angus MacColl Gordon Walker
  2010 Stuart Liddell William McCallum Roderick MacLeod MBE Jack Lee Chris Armstrong
  2009 William McCallum Angus MacColl Stuart Liddell P/M Gordon Walker James Murray
  2008 Angus MacColl Chris Armstrong Stuart Liddell Bruce Gandy William McCallum
  2007 Jack Lee James Murray William McCallum Alasdair Gillies Richard Hawke
  2006 William McCallum Stuart Liddell Roderick MacLeod MBE Iain K. MacDonald no award
  "A" MSR     
  Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth
  2014 Alex Gandy Finlay Johnston Sean McKeown Alasdair Henderson Jenny Hazzard
  2013 Alastair Dunn Alex Gandy Ben McClamrock Alasdair Henderson Finlay Johnston
  2012 Cameron Drummond Craig Muirhead Finlay Johnston Andrew Carlisle Alex Gandy
  2011 Andrew Hayes Alastair Dunn Cameron Drummond William Nichols Callum Beaumont
  2010 Dr Brendon Eade Andrew Bonar Alex Gandy Cameron Drummond Alasdair Henderson
  2009 Iain Speirs P/M Alan Johnston Callum Beaumont Colin Lee Jenny Hazzard
  2008 Greg Wilson Iaian Speirs Glenn Brown Callum Beaumont Neil Smith
  2007 Niall Stewart Greg Wilson James Beaumont Iain Speirs Glenn Brown
  2006 Simon McKerrell Greg Wilson Andrew Hayes Margaret Houlihan no award
  "B" March     
  Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth
  Competition Discontinued          
  2012 Innes Smith Colin Campbell Gavin Ferguson Andrew Lee Fiona Manson
  2011 Derek Midgley Gordon Bruce Gavin Ferguson Stuart Easton Andrew Hall
  2010 Neil Walker William Nichols Andrew Lee Sean McKeown Gordon Bruce
  2009 Alasdair Henderson Andrew Hall Stuart Easton John Mulhearn Alastair Lee
  2008 Colin Lee Cpl Peter MacGregor Fraser Wylie Xavier Boderiou Sylvain Hamon
  2007 P/M Alan Johnston Ryan Canning Marion Horsburgh Cpl Peter MacGregor Fiona Manson
  2006 Gareth Rudoph Cpl Peter MacGregor Ryan Canning James Beaumont no award
  "B Strathspey and Reel     
  Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth
  Competition Discontinued          
  2012 Craig Sutherland Gavin Ferguson Andrew Lee Steven Leask Greig Wilson
  2011 Euan Dewar Sean McKeown Gavin Ferguson Derek Midgley Keith Bowes
  2010 Jamie Forrester James Troy Gavin Ferguson Sean McKeown Derek Midgley
  2009 Alasdair Henderson Alastair Lee Gavin Ferguson John Mulhearn James Troy
  2008 Cpl Peter MacGregor Andrew Hall Sylvain Hall Gordon Bruce Jamie Forrester
  2007 Ryan Canning Alasdair Henderson James Mackenzie Fiona Manson James MacPhee
  2006 Gareth Rudolph William Geddes Andrew Hall Douglas Campbell no award
  'B' MSR          
  Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth
  2014 Ashley McMichael Steven Gray Ben Duncan George Stewart Connor Sinclair
  2013 Graham Drummond David Wilton Gordon Bruce Sarah Muir Darach Urquhart
  Hornpipe & JIg          
Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth  
2014 Alasdair Henderson Callum Beaumount Stuart Liddell Greg Wilson Alex Gandy
2013 Stuart Liddell Andrew Hayes Gordon McCready Niall Stewart Craig Muirhead
2012 Angus MacColl Alastair Lee Gordon McCready Gordon Walker
Andrew Carlisle
2011 Stuart Liddell
Cameron Drummond      
Alasdair Henderson Ian K. MacDonald Andrew Bonar  
  2010 P/M Gordon Walker Andrew Bonar Andrew Hayes Dr Brendon Eade William McCallum
  2009 Stuart Liddell Roderick MacLeod MBE William McCallum Alasdair Gillies Angus MacColl
  2008 Gordon Walker Andrew Hayes Angus MacColl Jenny Hazzard Alan Bevan
  2007 Angus MacColl Niall Stewart Gordon Walker Stuart Liddell Glenn Brown
  2006 Gordon Walker Iain K. MacDonald Stuart Liddell Jenny Hazzard no award
  Hornpipe & Jig (B)          
  Year Winner Second Third Fourth Fifth
  2014 George Stewart Ashley McMichael Matt Pantaleoni Steven Gray Sarah Muir
  2013 Steven Leask Darach Urquhart Liam Kernaghan David Wilton Angus J MacColl
  Northern Meeting Quaich   Overall in B Grade events   Turnout and Bearing  
  Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
  2014 Stuart Liddell 2014 Angus J McColl 2014 Not Awarded
  2013 Stuart Liddell 2013 Graham Drummond 2013 Not Awarded
  2012 William McCallum 2012 Craig Sutherland 2012 Not Awarded
  2011 Jack Lee 2011 Gordon Bruce 2011 Alan Bevan
  2010 Stuart Liddell 2010 Andrew Bonar 2010 Alastair Dunn
  2009 Stuart Liddell 2009 John Mulhearn 2009 Gavin Walker
  2008 Stuart Liddell 2008 Colin Lee 2008 P/M Neil Hall + Gordon Walker
  2007 Jack Lee 2007 Jamie Forrester 2007 P/M Michael Gray + Brian Mackenzie
  2006 Murray Henderson 2006 Garth Rudolph 2006 Cpl Peter MacGregor + Gordon Walker
  Under 18 Piobaireachd     
  Year Winner Second Third Fourth  
  2014 Brighde Chaimbeul Seamus O'Baoighill Cameron MacDougall Cameron Sharp  
  2013 Sandy Cameron Iain Crawford Cameron MacDougall Charles MacDonald  
  2012 Sandy Cameron Iain Crawford Edward Lavender Charles MacDonald  
  2011 Sandy Cameron Seamus O'Baoighill Karla Urquhart Cameron McDougall  
  2010 James McPetrie Alexander Levack Charles Macdonald Connor Sinclair  
  2009 George Stewart Craig Sutherland Brighde Chaimbeul Sandy Cameron  
  2008 George Stewart Glenn Ross Craig Sutherland Micheal Sutherland  
  2007 Faye Henderson Ashleigh Bell Andrew McPhee Alasdair MacDonald  
  2006 Faye Henderson James Mackenzie Ashleigh Bell John Angus Graham  
  Under 18 MSR     
  Year Winner Second Third Fourth  
  2014 Calum Wynd Connor Kellet Cairen Ross Brighde Chaimbeul  
  2013 Sandy Cameron Lucy Ferguson Iain Crawford Cameron MacDougall  
  2012 Sandy Cameron Struan Moffat Andrew Clark Charles MacDonald  
  2011 Charles MacDonald Angus J. MacColl James McPetrie Connor Sinclair  
  2010 Connor Sinclair James McPetrie Karla Urquhart Norman Gillies  
  2009 Craig Sutherland Alexander Levack George Stewart Craig Wilson  
  2008 Craig Sutherland Micheal Spittal George Stewart Glenn Ross  
  2007 Glenn Ross George Stewart Faye Henderson Cameron Barnes  
  2006 James Mackenzie Faye Henderson George Stewart Andrew Travers  
  Under 15 Piobaireachd             
  Year Winner Second Third Fourth  
  2014 Harry McLachlan Angus MacPhee Calum Brown Wallace Dempster  
  2013 Frieda McKiggan Harry McLachlan Calum Brown Robbie McIsaac  
  2012 Lucy Ferguson Brighde Chaimbeul Cameron Sharp Seamus O' Baoighill  
  Under 15 MSR (March only until 2011)
  Year Winner Second Third Fourth  
  2014 Calum Brown Robbie McIsaac Harry McLachlan Finlay Cameron  
  2013 Calum Brown Harry McLachlan Robbie McIsaac Donald Stewart  
  2012 Brighde Chaimbeul Lucy Ferguson Joshua Townsley Calum Brown  
  2011 Sandy Cameron Seamus O' Baoighill Kayleigh Nicolson Calum Brown  
  2010 Charles MacDonald Bruce MacDonald Brighde Chaimbeul Seamus O'Baoighill  
  2009 Seamus O'Baoighill Angus MacColl Sandy Cameron Brighde Chaimbeul  
  2008 Karla Urquhart Charles MacDonald Ross Fraser James McPetrie  
  2007 Billy Stewart Charles MacDonald Connor Sinclair Karla Urquhart  
  2006 Andrew MacPhee Billy Stewart Alexander Levack Josie Burgess  
  Best Aggregate in U 18   Girls Aggregate in U 18      
  Year Winner Year Winner    
  2014 Brighde Chaimbeul        
  2013 Sandy Cameron Competition Discontinued      
  2012 Sandy Cameron 2012 Lucy Ferguson    
  2011 Sandy Cameron 2011 Karla Urquhart    
  2010 James McPetrie 2010 Karla Urquhart    
  2009 Craig Sutherland 2009 Brighde Chaimbeul    
  2008 George Stewart 2008 not awarded    
  2007 1st: Faye Henderson 2007 Faye Hendesron    
    2nd: Glenn Ross        
  2006 1st: Faye Henderson 2006 Faye Hendesron    
    2nd: James Mackenzie        
  Best Aggregate in U15          
  Year Winner        
  2014 Harry McLachlan        
  2013 Harry McLachlan        
  Dress & Deportment     
  Year Winner - Boy Winner - Girl      
  2014 Robbie McIsaac Holly Fredlander      
  2013 Charles MacDonald Chloe Steele      
  2012 Cameron MacDougall Lucy Ferguson      
  2011 Charles MacDonald Hayley MacKay      
  2010 Connor Sinclair Mairi MacInnes      
  2009 Alexander Levack Mairi MacInnes      
  2008 Craig Mackenzie Karla Urquhart      
  2007 Connor Sinclair Faye Henderson      
  2006 Christopher Ross Ashleigh Bell      




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